Saturday, January 31, 2009

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Email Me

I don’t think there is an official name to this part of TorontoMLS, so I’m calling it the Auto-Search & Email System. Very few realtors use it or offer it, though I’m not sure why. TorontoMLS is a realtors-only MLS system with an excellent feature for their clients.

It can be incredibly time consuming to log on to your favorite home listing website every day, plug in all your search criteria and sift through all the listings to see if there’s anything new, or if anything had a price reduction. The Auto-Search & Email System built-in to TorontoMLS will do it for you, every day, and email you the listings, for free.

When it’s all set up, all you need to do is check your email, find todays email, click the link and view the houses. It doesn’t get easier than that. And the search criteria is much more flexible than anything you’ll find online. If you’re interested in having this system set up for you, you can send me the following information:

Your price range, i.e., $280,000 - $380,000
The area(s) you are interested in. Choose a whole city, or just a street block or two.
The type of home you are looking for, i.e., 2-storey, 3 bedrooms, garage, pool, etc.

The more details you give me, the more focused your search will be. For example, you may be interested in living in only one condominium, and can tell me to let you know if anything comes up for sale in that one building, or on that one street, or several streets. The criteria we can search is extremely flexible. If I can’t search by a particular criteria, such as GPS co-ordinates or something, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, assume it can be done.

Once I’ve got the particulars on what you’re looking for, I enter this into the system along with your email address. Every night around midnight, the system will run a search on the MLS according to your search criteria, and email you every listing that matches. The following night, it does it again. It’s smart enough though, not to keep sending you the same listings each night. It keeps track of what listings have been sent to you, and doesn’t send them again unless something has changed on the listing, such as a price reduction. Each night, you’ll receive any new listings that come out matching your criteria, and any changed listings, that’s it. The system will do this automatically for three months, then it will automatically delete you. If you don’t want to be deleted after three months, you have to let me know and I can extend the expiry date, manually.

No more surfing the net for that dream home, you’ll already have the best system available searching the largest database available, emailing the listings to you daily. The listings are much more detailed than anything you can find online, and many include inside pictures and/or virtual tours. When you see something you like and need more info, I’m a call or email away.